What is the Clear Water Experience?

The Clear Water Experience is an experiential 49-Day Group Program (journey of self-discovery) to help you live a life of abundance, vitality, love, contribution and more joy.
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During the 7-weeks of the Clear Water Experience, you’ll be invited to attend a weekly LIVE 2-Hour Group Zoom Session. Each week focusses on a specific theme (area of your life).

These LIVE Zoom Sessions are interactive and limited to small groups, so you’ll have ample opportunity to ask questions and receive personalised support.

Between these LIVE Zoom Sessions, each day you’ll also receive:
  • prompts
  • exercises and
  • reminders, based on that week’s theme.
This creates your momentum, achieving early ‘wins’ and milestones. As you progress through the Clear Water Experience Program, you’ll continue to build upon these successes and see tangible results and benefits ‘ripple out’ into your day-to-day life.

What are the 7 themes (areas of life)?

Week 1
  • It all starts with … YOU!
  • Rediscover how to ‘Love Yourself’ again
  • Living your Life at Higher Vibration Level
  • Self-Loyalty & Honouring Your Worth
Week 2
  • Dare to Dream
  • Discover… What’s Most Important to You?
  • What if…? Imagine Living a No-Limits Life!
  • Who do you need to Be, to Live this Life?
Week 3
  • Increase Your Awareness, Joy & Gratitude
  • Discover the Awe & Beauty in the Ordinary
  • Feel the Impact of Ripples of Kindness
  • Experience ‘Heaven on Earth’ in the Now
Week 4
  • Rediscover Your Life Force & Energy
  • Detox & Hyper Nourish Your Body
  • Seven Keys to Optimal Health & Vitality
Week 5
  • Play the ‘Prosperity Game’
  • Gain Insights into Your Wealth Blockages
  • Feel Worthy & Be Open to Flow
  • Your Natural State is one of Abundance
Week 6
  • Including your Relationship with Yourself
  • How Loving and Accepting are You of Yourself – just as you are?
  • Create Deeper Connections with Those You Love
  • Discover and Experience More Intimacy in Your Relationships
Week 7
  • Experience a Sense of Purpose & Passion
  • Make a ‘Difference’ with Your Life
  • What’s Your (unique) ‘Dint in the Universe’?
  • How will the World be a Better Place because of Your Specific Contribution?

Key Benefits

Live with More Joy & Happiness
Daily Support
Accountability and
Feel Better
About Yourself
Insightful Coach
Safe Space
Real-World Exercises You Can Apply Immediately
Meaning Transformation
and Results
Experience More
Energy & Vitality
Gain Clarity &
Purpose in Your Life
Save Traveling Time

Who is the Clear Water Experience Program for?

The Clear Water Experience is for YOU, if you want to bridge ‘the pain gap’.

What is the ‘pain gap’?

The pain gap is that invisible distance between where you are right now and where you want to ideally be in your life.

It’s this ‘gap’ that causes all your pain; when your expectations (on yourself and others) are not being met, when life is not how you want it to be, when you feel ‘let down’ by others (or yourself). It’s that constant gnawing frustration of unmet desires and fading dreams.

If your life is not to where you imagined you’d be –
you have a choice to make.

Are you going to continue ‘living small’, consumed by frustration, excuses and disappointment, or are you going to reclaim your life, and take a step towards your dreams (and not away from them)?

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?
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Your Life is ‘Your Message’

What ‘message’ are you living today?
Playing Small

Your Investment

The Clear Water Experience

49 day program
What you get
49-Day Program (7x Weeks)
7x Weekly Interactive Zoom Sessions – 90 mins each
- Plus BONUS #1: 7x Weekly 30-min Group Interactive Check-In/Q&A Sessions
- Total: 120mins LIVE group interaction each week
Each Week focuses on a different Theme
- Week 01: Self Care
- Week 02: Goals & Aspirations
- Week 03: Gratitude & Kindness
- Week 04: Health & Vitality
- Week 05: Wealth & Abundance
- Week 06: Relationships & Connection
- Week 07: Purpose, Contribution & Your Legacy
Daily access to The NAKED Soul support system
Daily prompts, reminders and/or exercises
Plus $643.00 worth of free bonuses (see below)

Plus $643.00 Worth of FREE Bonuses


7x Weekly 30-min Group Interactive Check-In/Q&A Sessions

  • Worth $125

Special Report: 49 Questions that Develop Deeper Connection & Intimacy

  • Downloadable PDF e-Report
  • Worth $149

Prosperity Game

  • 14-Day Abundance Exercise
  • Worth: Priceless

Making a Difference

  • Help Yourself & Help Others
  • 10x Children will receive Access to Clean Drinking Water EVERY DAY of your Clear Water Experience
  • You’ll receive a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for making this happen
  • Worth: Priceless

Special Report: 101 Tips to Be (Even More) Happy

  • Downloadable PDF e-Report
  • Worth: $99

$300.00 Gift Certificate: 1-on-1 Private Mentoring with Craig

  • Available if you’d like some personal 1-on-1 mentoring & guidance - optional
  • Valid for 3 Months after ‘Clear Water Experience’ Program completion
  • Worth: $300.00

Total Value: $1143.00

($643.00 in Bonuses + Clear Water Experience $470)
7x Weekly 30-min Group Interactive Check-In/Q&A Sessions
Special Report: 49 Questions that Develop Deeper Connection & Intimacy
Prosperity Game
Making a Life-Changing Difference for 10x Children
Making a Life-Changing Difference for 10x Children
$300.00 Gift Certificate: 1-on-1 Private Mentoring with Craig
Book In Now - $470
Money Back Guarantee

110% Money-Back Guarantee

Your investment in YOU is Fully Protected by our 110% Money-Back Guarantee*. If after Week 3, you don’t feel a significant shift in your life for the better, let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your original investment PLUS an additional 10% as a thank you for trusting us with your time and ‘giving it your best shot’.
*You must attend all the weekly Zoom Sessions and complete the exercises to be eligible for the money-back guarantee.

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