Genuine heartfelt desire to be of service

Craig is truly a born facilitator and trainer. He has devoted over 30 years to personal development and this investment shines through when he’s working with others.

I consider Craig to be one of the most fearless people I know. Despite overcoming incredible challenges in his life, he remains positive, optimistic and courageous. He has a genuine, heartfelt desire to be of service and help others.

Craig has a unique ability to think outside the square, to tune-in and share a different perspective and a bigger picture to help his clients. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a coach to consider Craig as I know he will go the extra mile to help them succeed.
Annette, Brisbane, QLD

One of the best, and most genuine listeners I know

Over the past five years I have been very fortunate to work with and observe Craig in his role as a lead facilitator for the Mens Wellbeing Inc. Common Ground Program, and during several personal development workshops he has run.

Craig has a warm, friendly and welcoming personality, which allows others to feel at ease in his presence. He is one of the best, and most genuine listeners I know. He really wants to understand and know about other people's life experiences and doesn't shy away from opening up about his own joys and sorrows.

He has wonderful facilitation skills and has an innate sense of when to let things flow and when a gentle hand on the tiller is required.
Richard Kirwood, Brisbane, QLD

Navigate through life with more ease and flow

Craig, when I was recently dealing with some challenging situations, you were there for me. You calmly listened without any judgement and helped me see through the confusion, identifying what’s truly going on for me.

You have a way of asking the right questions at the perfect moment, that cause me to reflect and view the situation from a higher perspective. You help me to move forward and navigate through life with more ease and flow.

You genuinely care about others and it shows. You have such a gentle soul you make me want to be a better man. Your enthusiasm, generous-spirit and appreciation for life is inspiring.
Steve Smythe, Gold Coast, QLD

Welcoming and caring nature

Craig has a welcoming and calming nature. He has great listening skills and really makes you feel heard. I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable with Craig. You feel safe talking with him.

It’s a judgement free zone and he is insightful and makes thoughtful contributions. He gives you a different way of looking at things or thinking about things. You come away from talking with Craig feeling much lighter and calmer.

He also has a great sense of humour and quick wit, which makes the experience even more disarming and relaxed, enabling you to talk with him about absolutely anything.

Leigh P, Brisbane, QLD

Achieved stunning results

A high energy creative thinker with a focus on achieving results that benefit everyone. Craig combines his vision for success with incisive practical strategies and he has achieved stunning results!
Bob A, Sydney, NSW

The most giving person I know

Craig’s effervescent personality is infectious. He is also the most giving person I have come across. I have learnt a lot from Craig both from a personal level and a business level.

It is the greatest pleasure to recommend Craig on any level because he deserves it. When you are around him, you will see what I am talking about.
Janeen, Brisbane, QLD

Best decision I have ever made

I can’t thank you enough Craig. This was without a doubt, the BEST decision I have EVER made. Thank you!
Jason G, Brisbane, QLD

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